Involving education – learning instead of teaching. What will happen when life comes into the museum?

We live in a world that does not need the truth. This is because it becomes more and more clear that the truth cannot be owned. We live in a world that would certainly need more trust and the ability to listen. The courage to believe and to trust one's story in the ocean of all stories. To use the language of theatre – could the museum be the black box, creating a pure, neutral space for all the stories that need to be told and heard? Classically, we see the role of the museum as teacher and that of the visitor as learner. But what would happen if the museum gave up this power? Would it be possible for a more social, living and dynamic museum space to be born, a meeting place for all? Who would need to change more – the museum or the visitor? Could we think of our role in the museum outside the historical knowledge and the collection?