Piret Õunapuu PhD (1955)

She graduated from the University of Tartu (1979) as an ethnographer. Since 1980 she has been working in the Estonian National Museum, where she has curated exhibitions on Estonian folk culture in Estonia and abroad. She has authored articles about ethnology and cultural history. Her doctoral thesis in the field of history was about the establishment and development of the Estonian National Museum. Her previous books have been concerned with traditions: Pühad ja kombed (‘Holidays and Traditions’) (2001); Eesti pulm (‘Estonian Wedding’) (2003); Nii meil jõulud tuppa toodi (‘This Is How We Filled Our Rooms with Christmas’) (2012). She has been the compiler of the Estonian National Museum’s publication series Vanavara kogumisretkedelt (‘From Heritage-Collection Trips’), Volumes 1−9, containing annotated diaries of heritage collectors. Piret Õunapuu is the board member of the Estonian Museum Association, a board member of the Learned Estonian Society. She is also a member of a number of international professional organisations.