Helene Urva (1987)

Helene Urva started as a consultant for educational programs in the autumn of 2013 and continued as the Curator of Education in August 2014. Currently the main activities of the Curator of Education are management of educational programs for school, training of museum guides, planning and organising seminars, developing educational centre for the Estonian Maritime Museum.

She gained her Bachelor’s degree at Tartu University (environmental Technology) and Master’s Degree cum laude at Tallinn University (Marine Biology).

Helene Urva has worked as a science teacher for 4 years and finished the Teach for Estonia program (analogue of Teach for America in Estonia) and worked as the head of training in the Teach for Estonia organisation. Recently she was elected to the board of Teach for Estonia and she also continues as a volunteer in the alumni movement of Teach for Estonia.

Helene Urva is also author of many educational materials, for example she has been in close cooperation with Tallinn Water Company “Tallinna Vesi” and issued a series of teaching materials on the topic of water. She has also been in the Working Group of the Estonian Ministry of the Environment to analyse current educational materials under environmental topics and edited materials for schools in one of the main educational publishers of Estonia (Avita).